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3D Entrepreneurship

October 24, 2016

3D Entrepreneurship comes from the realm of 3D printing or 3D prototyping, a 20th century technology having far reaching applications in the 21st Century. The World Economic Forum calls it one of the pillars of the 4th Industrial Revolution. 3D Printing was invented by Chuck Hull of 3D Systems in the 1980s’ in the US and patented then. Now the patents have expired and we see a lot of wide spread usage and advancement in this technology.

We at ‘I Print My Things’ are resellers of 3D printers and are into 3D education. Our target audience are primarily schools & colleges, as we want our teachers & students to learn this technology so it can be widely used in India. Our customer include the IITs, regional / private engineering colleges, private schools etc. Now we come to the essential question, what is 3D printing? 3D Printing is  a group of techniques used to quickly fabricate a scale model of a physical part or assembly, using 3 dimensional cad data. It is also called additive manufacturing or rapid prototyping.

Learning 3D printing, students & teachers alike get up skilled, in terms of doing faster a prototyping job vis a vis the conventional methods of doing prototyping using wood, card board, metal etc. The results are far superior and precise. So over all 3D printing adds value to their learning and resumes. But the most important aspect here is to understand that 3D printing also enables these very students & teachers alike to take up a second vocation, that is of 3D entrepreneurship. In their spare time students & teachers can undertake design work for anyone globally and if they possess a 3D printer they can execute the 3D orders with finesse. Thereby adding to their incomes and experience. The internet is abound with free lancing websites, where globally designers pitch for 3D jobs & orders. Similarly there are websites where 3D jobbers pitch for their services to clients.

In addition to this, enterprising students can offer full time 3D job work services to customers akin to the photocopy services or STD / ISD services that got created or proliferated in India in 1990s’. Every locality of even a Tier 2 or Tier 3 town has a photocopy or STD / ISD service offering. Similar will be the case of 3D printing job work services too. 3D printing in that parlance is all about localised and customised manufacturing too. The days of mass manufacturing will dwindle with the onset of 3D printing as humans want more personalised and differentiated product offerings. At the macro level we would see that the need for logistics & finished inventory storage would be reduced, thereby leading to reduced costs of products for consumers.

So with 1 arrow i.e. 3D printing & its education, we are creating value added for students / teachers, creating 3D entrepreneurs and reducing prices of certain goods used in our lives. This subject is closest to my heart and I have been really fervent about it to make it possible from day one, that I started my 3D printing venture.

Avikshit Saras

3D Entrepreneur

Work & Romancing

June 8, 2016

“If you love what you do for a living you wouldn’t have to work a day extra” Vijay Batra – Think Inc.


These words were spoken by my management guru and today I wish to elucidate them further. Imagine you are with your sweetheart. Focus on the way you would dress, carry yourself, talk etc. It would be all so very immaculate so as to impress him or her fully / completely.


So drawing an analogy, when we carry ourselves in our work in the same immaculate / complete way our contribution to work will be more recognisable / gratifying and subsequently returns will be higher. This is not a statistically proven fact but for sure one can feel it distinctly. Often times we are disturbed about our work, it’s not going places, it’s not this it’s not that etc. But seldom we focus on the good sides of these challenges.


All challenges have opportunities behind them lurking to be taken by the person who continuously toils & toils. People who give up mid way seldom get to their destinations. It’s like flirting with your sweethearts. Sooner or later the other person would realize this is not for the long term and then what happens are frequent break ups, break downs etc. True may be all relationships are not for the long term but a successful person is one who has worked for the longer term.


We have yet to find a short term successful person. The term sounds weird and you wonder why I brought it up. Many at times we try to run the track of life as if it were a 100 meters sprint / dash. Life is a marathon where from the start to the end you need to equally pace yourself and space out too. Pace is the key and the flexibility as it gives you the desired speed to know when to go fast or slow depending on your situations. Space is the metaphor used as marathon is not run on tracks but with a big group of people, keep distance so as not to trample / bump into, whom you need to respect so as not hurt, etc.


In life we have all these people that we are running a marathon with such as your parents, children, colleagues, friends, neighbours etc and of course your sweetheart! A real marathon is 42 kilometers in length. Treat your life’s marathon as the first 12 kms. your childhood, next 10 kms. as youth, next 10 kms. as adulthood and the final 10 kms. as your old age. Hence give it your best foot forward, dress & talk immaculately, go long term and cherish your work & romance.

A Simpler way to win a WAR

April 18, 2016

War and war threats in these times are more often than before. For instance many a rogue nations are looking for an excuse to blow up their neighbours, a distant country etc. I don’t understand the math of a war and I even fail to understand how nations with all their super economists, able administrators etc can’t find a simpler way to win over their enemy.

Now before going any further I like to make a distinction in war between 2 countries and war between 2 ideologies. The former being something that happened say between India – Pakistan, North Korea – South Korea (threats) etc. The latter being a war such as that happening in Syria, Afghanistan, Nigeria, etc.

In the ideological war there is no national patriotism involved. There are poorly trained armies of people, who’ve nothing better to do, can’t earn for their families due to adverse economic reasons so they enroll for the militias. Moreover the reason to fight is built up on dubious grounds, impressionable adults, illiterate, poor and unemployed people. Generally these would be kind of say fighting in ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram etc.

So given the demographics it should be far easier for the opposing forces, the defending Governments to issue a lucrative surrender offer to the enemy forces quantifying the amount of money they or their families would get in case they surrender their weapons, deliver valuable information, agree to spend say 10 years away from their homeland, have an embedded chip in their body to track movements, live a dignified life, start a meaning full vocation etc. Basically opposite of all of the above reasons because of which they took up weapons.

That lucrative offer can only be judged and arrived at after Governments put a budget on the war front. Whether excessive spending on defense makes more sense or just have a cash transfer to the direct beneficiaries and take them on their side. The vested interests such as defense contractors, defense lobbyists, corrupt politicians etc can be the only people rupturing the spokes in the wheel for their petty gains. But imagine the valuable life of soldiers on either sides being sparred, lesser environmental destruction, fewer property damage, cut down on defense production & spending etc.

I sincere believe it to be a win win situation for most, if not all and worth the try,

Before the boiling oil of a war makes all humans fry.


Avikshit Saras – The author is an entrepreneur whose practical, clear thinking human, wanting a win win solution for most.

Human Hides

January 22, 2016


PETA is doing a great job in preventing cruelty to animals to an extent. At times awareness is more important and helps in mitigating acts done out of ignorance.


Personally I have an idea. When I die I would like to donate my full body for medical research, vital organs for transplants and my skin to the leather industry! Yes, the last one sounds strange but even if one animal’s life is spared for their skin and mine substituted (post death) I would be very willing / satisfied to do that. After all skin is skin and leather is made out of that.


Think of it what is it, that one takes with us post death? All would say nothing and that’s quite true. We leave behind everything for our children, our families, society, country etc. The first two always being highlighted / blown out of proportion & passion! In our lifetime we are so busy accumulating wealth and material well beings that had we spent time in teaching good values, sustainable education etc each family member could earn / sustain themselves.


So coming back to what we take with us, is not our wealth and our body of course. What we take with us to a certain extent is our sub conscious mind, lessons that have been learnt out of sheer pain (mental / physical) and under excruciating circumstances. So we come to the main question what is the use of this body? It can be answered and delved upon in many ways, but I would stick to the theme that is, ‘save an animal and just give your skin to the leather industry.’


It’s such a shame that even after development of so many alternatives to leather people still cling to it. If animal hide, is so dear why not HUMAN HIDE? I end by sharing a Mahatma Gandhi’s words, ‘The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.’ PETA do something.

Happy New Year 2016

January 2, 2016


Very Happy New Year 2016.
Its great to catch up with all that has happened in the year gone by. I continue with much zest my social contributions as Honorary Secretary of Friends Colony Zone Residents Welfare Association. Helping residents get better security, good civic infrastructure, maintaining parks, removing illegal encroachments, raising funds and building our colony wall towards the railway line are some of the tasks that came along this assignment or were initiated. Being Master of Ceremonies of our newly created investors group: Wealth Creators Club was a welcome job. Post having done a course in stock trading, investments & finance, a bunch of like minded individuals created this club, where in we meet every 2nd last Sunday of the month at India International Centre, New Delhi to discuss stocks, review books, discuss Warren Buffet letters etc.
On the work front I continue to do 3D printing and real estate businesses like before. Our 3D printing business added 2 new feathers in the cap in 2015. We got the distributorship of 2 companies: Forgify 3D for marketing of 3D printers and the other GeckoTek3D for marketing FDM Build Plates (a consumable in 3D printers). December was exciting on the 3D front, as it took me to Bombay for a 3D conference and we participated at a symposium in Modern School displaying our 3D printers. First day’s dull response got us thinking and the next day we offered free 3D printers to any school allowing us to do a 3D workshop! My real estate business got some exciting rental queries making me more meticulous in organising various property options of friends & relatives. My real estate business has always been focused on friends & relatives, giving them that personal touch and confidentiality of as if I am myself investing or renting a property! This is completely unmatched by any other person or an IPC.
At the family front, kids made steady progress at their respective schools. Manassvi is in her 3rd year of primary school doing well with her academics and sports. This year she won a bronze medal in a swimming competition and likes to play tennis from October to March. Akshita her younger sister starts regular school and we’re going to be on tenterhooks for the 1st quarter of 2016 applying for admission in various schools. Khushboo started voluntary teaching at a neighborhood school run by DSCW (Delhi State Council for Women) for the weaker section of society. This Council started by my grandmother & her friends but is now headed by my aunt. My parents and grand mother remained fit to guide us, nurture us and help us in moving ahead in life. I express my sincere gratitude to them for all that they have done for us, are doing and hope they do give us a chance to reciprocate all the niceties that they’ve bestowed on us till now.
I am happy to have known you, met you at some point of time (may be online / offline) and sincerely wish you and your family a very very cheerful, healthy & prosperous new year 2016. I quote my motto for this year from my grand father’s friend who is a great industrialist & philanthropist 94 years young, Mr. Bal Krishan Gupta (Firozabad): “Let nothing come between your health & smile”. 
Avikshit Saras

Being in Manchester – 1

January 28, 2012

After having completely outlived my worries and expectations I was taking a breadth of fresh Manchester air. The air here is so clean, that it gives me a high. Anyway I’ve been around for about 5 months and still discovering the place. The last quarter of 2011 were pretty stressed out for me. Having picked up my studies after a gap of 11 years was not easy for me, as I had thought. It has been quite a challenge.

I say a challenge as the teaching and learning methodology has changed so much. I am glad to have taken this course now, than say 5 or 10 years later! Also I am competing with people who are elder to me, my age, little younger and just fresh graduates. I see such a marked difference between all these ages. As we get older our minds are so different than the impressionable minds.

In the sub continent you are so used to being spoon fed. Here one has to research everything oneself, which in its self is such a big learning. You get to the bottom of things, which is so interesting. I really loved the collaborative approach to learning. It was really amazing and the team work paid us all off and so well in the end. It was like the proverbial saying of my Management Guru: Vijay Batra ji, ‘If you have a dollar and your friend has a dollar, you exchange the same, you still have a dollar each. But if you have an idea and your friend has an idea too and when we exchange it, we both 2 ideas now.’

The living in Manchester has been quite enjoyable too. I had never lived in a university accommodation ever. So when I had the opportunity I jumped at it and haven’t regretted it even once. I have 6 nationalities around me and learning from them is great experience. For this I make it a point to have all my meals in the common areas (dining room). It gives me a great chance to converse with the people around. I wonder why many people choose to have their meals alone in their room!

I had always enjoyed cooking as a hobby. Now I was getting an opportunity to cook more and more. I loved doing the same and looked forward to each meal. For this reason I may be the only person who has never eaten a paid meal out since coming! Allied to this has been grocery shopping. I’ve figured out the best places to shop. If one when went in the evening to the supermarket, there was a greater chance of getting a great bargain from these shops!

To be honest I am just loving my life and living my dream. When I leave Manchester in the next 9 months I would certainly not regret anything, except for a fact, that I could not show this world to my wife and daughter. I really feel that had they been here, we as a family would have grown and experienced this together.

Winding Up Afghanistan and Road Ahead

January 28, 2012

My contract with VetServ in Kabul finished in June 2011 and I had expressed my desire to not continue to my Board of Directors in April 2011. As expected they were not happy about my decision to leave so soon. This whole experience taught me a lesson to not rush into such things and go easy into them. I missed an opportunity to get an unbiased feedback from them. I missed an opportunity to get to know my expected salary increment. I believe that thereafter, after a thoughtful consideration and discussion I should have told them.

Anyway I had done what I was expecting myself to do and having left Afghanistan in retrospect was good for me. Upon hearing the news that our office was bombed in August 2011, it was certainly providence. When I came to know of the same, I was completely stunned. I saw the images of the room that I lived in (a guest house close to the office) and worked in completely shattered. It took me a while to break the news to my family.

Before having left Afghanistan, I had decided to pursue higher studies and for which I was holding confirmed admissions to 1 Dutch and 4 British Universities. In addition I had applied for a 6 scholarships, of which I got a partial one at the Dutch University! But I decided not going for the scholarship and instead registered for a Msc. in Development Finance at the University of Manchester. I chose Manchester over others as the administration was more responsive, the alumni active, the university is well recognised and the course was more appealing. I didn’t want to invest an year where I didn’t have all of these.

Having arrived in India in June I had 3 months to go before I was on my way out again. I wanted to make the maximum of this time. I had already slotted my days in terms of pursuing a spiritual course, body rejuvenation camp, learning SAS (a statistical language) & improving MS excel, meeting my mentor and above all holidaying with the family in Goa! It was fun and a big learning for me, all this while. For the first time in all my working life I realized my sense of freedom. I always felt so tied up and bound
to not do many such things due to varying reasons.

I was slated to be a self sponsored candidate, so I tied up my funding with the help of my family and the bank. I was very much eager to finish my studies before my daughter was of school going age, which is 2013. I had conveyed to myself that I had to settle down at a place in India or abroad before 2013. The self sponsorship settled in me late and I at a time was really perplexed to continue or abandon track due to exchange rate fluctuations. I shall touch upon this matter later in my next blog.

So here I go again, away from my family and city for an year! Manchester calling…..

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